Artistic Afternoons: Resurrect something today. Perhaps fish around in your garage or a junk drawer. Find something that once had a life, a purpose, but has become too broken or redundant, and has been relegated to “death” in a pile (or in the trash). Give it new life in some way this afternoon. Perhaps it just needs a paint job, or to be sewn together with some other fabric you have on hand; or you may want to turn it into something entirely new. A paperclip becomes an earring. A piece of a _____ connects with a _____ and becomes a mini assemblage/sculpture. (Wire and hot glue are your best friends here. And you don't have to keep whatever you create forever and ever--this is just about the playful process of bringing new life to something!). Whatever it is, find a way to resurrect your chosen found object. No longer lost to the dark recesses—the graveyard of useless things—lean toward “practicing resurrection” with it (as Wendell Berry has it in one of his poems) by giving it this new life. (And share with us what you created/resurrected, and what the process was like!)

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-05-16 21:13:31 UTC