Artistic Afternoons: Paint an expressive representation of whatever comes to mind when you think of your “true self” (and perhaps, its connection with the “false selves” we have all created to make ourselves more successful or lovable throughout our lives). You may want to leave it abstract, simply splotches of color that seem to flesh out what you see of your truest self living out in the world (or otherwise). You may want to include words, image, light and shadow, texture and line to evoke more of the feel of what it is to live from your true, beloved self (rather than living for approval, security, and/or affection). If this is not something you’ve done before, just gather a few colors of craft paint that call out to you in their colors (they’re about a dollar at most stores, if you don’t have any on hand!). Begin to make marks that express something in you (because then it will certainly express something about you, too). This all may seem foreign, or you may be really drawn to this kind of expression—either way, spend time with what comes out of your brush onto the page or canvas. You made those marks. As an expression of your embodied soul. Even if they still don’t have meaningful words tied to them, that bit of creativity is a great good. Perhaps understanding or recognition will dawn over time. But for now, let this flinging of paint be one moment of your co-creating with God. Expressing yourself, your prayer. You.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-05-24 20:58:14 UTC