Midday Meditation: “The self is where we meet God.” – David Benner, The Gift of Being Yourself So, be your full, wonderful, beloved self; that’s where you meet God (not in the ways we try to “be good” or “theologically correct”, etc.): in the reality of your you-ness. Spend some time there today, if you can. Perhaps discovering what that even might be, if it’s been a while and you’ve been living in a bit of autopilot for a long time. Listen in to your body and what it is speaking, to your thoughts and feelings that reveal some of what is in your deep places. Explore and share what you find with the Love who made you. It’s a vulnerable thing, this exploration, so take courage! Knowing you—the real you—is worth everything to Love.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-05-25 17:30:44 UTC