Our lives are generally much less spectacular than that first Pentecost with its outwardly visible and audible miraculous expressions. And yet, we have the same gift of the same Spirit, God present to each of us within our own selves. How much is possible that we never imagined? In the liturgical calendar, today is one of what are known as Ember Days. Days set aside for fasting, just after particular feasts (in this case, Pentecost), there are four sets of Ember Days spaced around the seasons of the year. Although etymologically Ember Days have nothing to do with fire, in this week after Pentecost, it seems fitting—as if we are carrying out into the world glowing embers within ourselves, that are the direct result of that fire of Pentecost. How do you sense that glow within you? Often, we live our days unaware of this holy fire within; and yet there are moments that we feel its warmth or someone else witnesses its light. As we’ve been particularly noticing the ways Pentecost made possible the deep communication with those we tend to see as “Other”, how do you sense that bit radiating in you, perhaps even wanting to find expression in your life and relationships? How might you embody the flame of compassion this season? How is Love offering you the companionship of its fire, even today, right now? What is the gift (and perhaps invitation) for you in these Ember days?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-05-31 14:22:47 UTC