The first time we see the Hebrew word ‘ruach’ (wind/breath/Spirit) is in the first verses of Genesis, hovering over the chaotic pre-creation waters. It is this breath of God that speaks the words of creation and brings the world into existence. We see this ‘ruach’ again at the creation of the people of Israel as he led them out of Egypt—the wind holding the waters back long enough for the people to be birthed into the wilderness safely. And again at the creation of the church—the community that was created out of the experience with incarnate God-with-them. After Jesus has left, the wind comes (loudly!) in their gathering place, and a new people is birthed. Consider for a moment what you see being birthed in the world—and in your own life—in this season. How might it be the creative breath of the Spirit be the one stirring those things? What might it look like to participate in what is being created, to breathe with the ‘ruach’ that enlivens all things?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-08 14:06:10 UTC