Midday Meditation: "Breathe" by Steve Garnaas-Holmes [read through slowly, perhaps along with the rhythms of your own breath] Spirit of God, breathe in me. Be my breathing, that I may breathe deeply of life. Breathing in, may the wind of your earth enter me and become me, the gift of life transformed into my cells. Breathing out may I breathe your grace and your peace. In your grace breathe me out into the world. Breathe in my speaking, that I may speak truth. Breathe in my singing that I may sing joy. Breathe in my silence, that I may listen deeply. Breathe in my walking, that I may go in peace. Breathe in my dying, that I myself may be your breath breathed out into the Mystery, in peace, breathing peace.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-08 17:41:18 UTC