Artistic Afternoons: Spend some time listening to (or creating!) music this afternoon. How does the Spirit meet you in the invisible, the sound waves coming, your own body responding with resonance? Try a few different kinds of music—perhaps some familiar, and some not. How do the different frequencies affect you? (Did you know that there are kinds of music—certain frequencies of sound—that make plants grow taller and produce more fruit, that open their very cells to more life?) Consider the way language and meaning are carried on sound waves, too, just as the instruments move the air molecules to create beauty we can take in. As you let it all wash over you, let yourself open to any of these invisible ways God may be meeting you. Wonder with God at the human body with its range of audible sound (very different from the ranges of many animals!), and the way even subaudible vibrations can affect our experience. How does music open you to Life?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-12 20:30:10 UTC