When we spend time with a large body of water—a lake or an ocean, perhaps—from the shore we can only see its surface. We see the way wind stirs little waves, the way the bulk of the sea moves toward and away from shore with the tides. But there is so much more going on below the surface, full of life and movement and energy. Consider your own soul as a body of water this morning. What does its surface look like to you today? Is it choppy, stormy, glassy? What is stirring in your depths, and how is it related to what you see on the surface? The waves we see are an expression of energy moving through the water (not a particular collection of water), and they are moving in a circle. That means there is a significant part of them that is underneath, unseen, like the movement of God in us. What would it be to trust that what we see of our own spiritual process and life with God is only a fraction of the movement and life that is going on under the surface? And, perhaps, what might it be to dive into some of those deeper places with God today? You’ll make your own waves in the process, but what beauty and life may be waiting there for you to explore? To not only see, but feel and taste and hear? And if it is all feeling very tempestuous on the surface, what would it be to trust the calm of the inner depths, the One who is at rest in you even now, undisturbed by the surface commotion?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-13 14:08:45 UTC