Midday Meditation: Blessing on the Waves by Jan Richardson I cannot promise that this blessing will keep you afloat as if by lashing these words to your arms, your ankles, you could stop yourself from going under. The most this blessing can do, perhaps, is to stand beside you in the boat, place its hand in the small of your back, and push. Be assured that though this blessing is eager to set you in motion, it will not leave you forsaken, will not compel you to leap where it has not already stepped out. These words will go with you across the waves. These words will accompany you across the waters. And if you find yourself flailing, this blessing will breathe itself into you, will breathe itself through you until you are borne up by the hands that reach toward you, the voice that calls your name.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-13 18:17:30 UTC