Artistic Afternoons: Spend some time with this found poem today as a way of attending to what is in you. What comes up? What do you sense stirring in your depths? What is the story your soul is wanting to tell (you/someone else) today? Consider creating your own found poem as a way of attending more deeply, more at length. To carefully tending what is in you by noticing where your attention is drawn, what words stir something in you. Take a page or two of text and let your gaze rest softly on the words, receiving any that seem to draw you in and cutting them out of the page (or, alternatively, you could just underline or circle it and connect the words right there on the page, perhaps blacking out the rest of the words that aren’t in your poem). Spend some time with the words that drew you, arranging them on your table to see what new meaning is created along the way, before your poem takes its final form. Once you have the words, you can glue them into a journal or onto colorful paper or something you’ve drawn, painted, etc. And feel free to share here—either your found poem, or what came up for you in the process of attending in this way! Note: if some part of the image is cut off for you, the poem reads: Tell your story of the self the young the true The whole holding inner courage and the noble power of human hope glance at the inward Sea stop be seen be heard be held by kindness itself

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-20 20:44:15 UTC