Solstice: the most unequal of days, longer here and shorter there. The more light we have in the north the less in the south. As we have day on this side, they have night on that side. The more we have the less they have. So it is with daylight. And in the human world it is well to remember some things we have because they have been taken from others. So it is with wealth, with privilege But it is not so with blessing. It is not so with justice. With love, it is not so: the more you have, the more we have. It a solstice of summer and winter. But not of listening, not of mattering, of belonging, not of being beloved. Do not be afraid to spill your light, to squander your love, to seek justice for someone else, even to share your wealth. The more you give away the more you have. Enjoy the light and the dark. Even they, too, are equally for all. __________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

Posted by Tara Owens, Abbess at 2023-06-21 13:07:12 UTC