Artistic Afternoons: Take a photograph (yes! This thing we do every day with our phones in hand, can be a space of real creativity and connection!) of something you’re attending to today. Wander around your home or your neighborhood if there isn’t something immediately coming to mind, and see where you are being drawn. It may feel totally random—the way the light falls on that chair, with its shadowed buttons; the bird perched on the poisonous plant; your own hands—but once you have noticed something in particular, take some time to attend to it. Take a photo—a visual artifact—but wonder about the other senses, too. How does the image capture a texture that feels like you could reach out and touch it, or hear the voice of that songbird, or smell that fresh-baked pie? Attend to something (or someone!) with all your senses, receive an image in your camera, and share it with us here in the comments (if you’d like!). Then, we can attend (on some level) to each other’s experience today as well! Feel free to share what the process was like for you, and if any words came out of your practice of attending this afternoon.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-06-21 20:27:58 UTC