Artistic Afternoon: Guest Post from Niecy LoCricchio As part of the practice of discernment, perhaps imagine God in you and you in God (John 14:20); perhaps as in this image above or create an image that resonates with you (perhaps a tree and you are the branches). As you imagine yourself in unity together, would you invite God to tell you the ways you have been uniquely created as a gift in this world? What shines in you and through you into the world? Perhaps on each ray of sun, name what you know is true and what God tells you is true about you. Perhaps spend some time listening to the deep desires of your heart with God. Are there dreams of what these rays of light might become? How do these dreams draw you nearer to God? Perhaps add them to the picture, see them go into the world as possibilities of hope and love, a prayer from your heart. Perhaps add to the picture. What are the particulars - who has your light touched, the people, the places? If you are currently in a place of discernment, consider tracing the sunlight, the rays of giftedness as far back as they go. Even to childhood. Notice the ways your giftedness has come through in your life. Notice where there are joys and freedoms with these gifts. Notice when your giftedness has been difficult, burdensome. Ask God about all these things. What might God want to illuminate through these various circumstances to you? Guest post: Niecy LoCricchio, spiritual director, retreat guide at; if you are interested in leaning into the practice of discernment, consider joining this Fall’s cohort in a 9-month companioned journey to immerse yourself in God’s love with the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-07-11 20:30:49 UTC