Good morning (or afternoon, or evening), friends. Isn’t time weird? These rhythms we go through, all together on this earth, and yet separated by time zones and geographical locations? The experience of the earth turning – the sun climbing into the sky and then descending toward the horizon again – is all of ours, and yet we each experience it in the midst of our own particular lives and bodies, with our own experiences and assumptions about the nature of time. How do you experience time, in your daily life? Do you often find yourself noticing that the day went by quickly, or slowly? Are there things you get lost in and lose track of all sense of time? When you are present with your senses to the world around you, are you more or less aware of the moments of time passing? This week, we are going to be leaning in to “Sacred Time”. What immediately comes to mind for you with those words? Is it the church calendar, or those moments of “flow” where you get lost, or have a transcendent experience that connects you with God-outside-of-time? Share with us in the comments, if you’re comfortable! Perhaps we will see more facets of sacred time, as we each contribute our own reflection.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-01-25 15:17:39 UTC