Midday Meditation: What season is your inner garden in, when it comes to hope? It may match the external season (whether that is the delight/weariness of midsummer heat or the seemingly barren/restful wait of winter, depending on your hemisphere!), or it may not. Spend some time in the garden of your heart today. What is the state of hope in your garden this Monday in July? Is it still a seed you planted long ago, waiting and waiting for it to show its leaves aboveground? Is it just beginning to sprout, tender and vulnerable? Is it something that has already borne much fruit, but currently seems to be in a kind of withered state? Can you look at whatever stage you discover without judgment? Simply noticing the life of hope in you, and letting it be? What would be it be to take the next step of cultivating hope (particularly if it seems like the seeds never sprouted, or the plants withered away to nothingness years ago!)? Talk to God about whatever you see in your garden today, and about your desire for it (or lack thereof).

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-07-24 17:30:45 UTC