Artistic Afternoons: Draw the state of hope in your inner garden (which may or may not match the season around you!). Does it feel like it’s still tightly closed up and protected (yet with so much potential!) in a seed, waiting for the moment that it will unfurl into something beautiful later? Is it just sprouting, as you see new life emerging in you in some way? Is it in full bloom, your hope full and open and beautiful? Does it feel like you’ve harvested all the hope you once had, and no more ha taken its place, like the old fruit and leaves have fallen, but something in you stubbornly believes that life just might emerge again, even if it seems a long time coming (that, too, is hope!)? Do you have all these different stages present in various ways, in various relationships and understandings and situations? Draw your whole garden, or just a glimpse, and let it help you name the state of hope in you—and wonder a bit about what the invitation is for you in this season.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-07-25 20:30:41 UTC