Good morning, friends. As we are coming up on September, the school year is in various stages of beginning for many of us whose lives have some connection with those rhythms—whether in kids’ or grandkids’ schedules, or our own work, or simply being around friends/others whose lives are oriented in this way as the fall approaches. It almost has the feel of a new beginning, like a second-chance new year—a time to reorient, to begin again, to revisit our desires and rhythms, to transition into the possibilities of what these months may hold. It is also the season that many choose to undertake the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius as a 9-month-long journey of encountering God in the midst of the rhythms of daily life. Ignatius of Loyola created these exercises for the spiritual community he led, and they were designed to be done in a 30-day intensive retreat; but the most commonly engaged version today is Ignatius’s 19th Annotation, and is intended for those who cannot get away for a month-long retreat (which is most of us!). Instead of taking 30 days of solitude, guided by a spiritual director through the written Exercises, the 19th Annotation makes room for those of us who are seeking connection right in the midst of our regular lives. It is still guided by a spiritual director (and we know some great ones that are leading folks through!), but consists of about an hour a day of solo prayer and meditation, making your way through various themes and gospel passages. Then there is a monthly meeting with a group and/or individual spiritual direction, noticing together the movements of your soul along the way. We will be talking about different aspects of the Ignatian Exercises (and why someone might undertake them!) throughout this week, so if your interest is piqued, stick around! Or, if you're ready, some of our Peregrini spiritual directors have groups starting next month and we’d love to put you in touch with them if this is something you are feeling drawn toward!

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-08-28 14:41:17 UTC