One of the reasons the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises can be helpful is that they provide some structure, a container for what can be overwhelming in the process of leaning into the spiritual life. Particularly if prayer or Scripture have been difficult places for you, the format of the Exercises can make space for new explorations (that may or may not trigger old “stuff”; but having someone walk alongside you in that—which is an important piece of the Exercises—can be invaluable!). Of course, the structure itself may feel constricting, as well, depending on your experience, so it takes a bit of discernment to know if this particular journey is one that you are being invited into this year (or perhaps to hold and wonder about for a future season)! But if you have a longing to go deeper into your experience of prayer, learning to see God in the big and little things, and spending time face to face with Jesus imaginatively in the gospel stories, it just might be. We have a few Anam Cara Peregrini spiritual directors that are leading folks through the Exercises starting next month, and they would be happy to talk through and help you discern if this journey is right for you in this season: @Dale Gish (, Niecy LoCricchio ( and Kim Nielsen ( each have a couple of spots open in their groups starting in September! You can find out more info about the Exercises and their practices at their respective websites. And, if the Ignatian Exercises are *not* what you are being drawn toward in this season, what do the invitations seem to be? Consider with God what this next step of the journey is for you, whether it has an Ignatian flavor, or something else entirely. What are you longing for in this season? What are you aware of hoping for in your spiritual life in the coming months?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-08-31 14:54:18 UTC