Artistic Afternoons: In the spirit of Ignatian imaginative prayer, pause for a moment right now and consider what comes up for you when you think of Jesus. What direction is he facing? Does he have a particular expression on his face? Is there a particular gospel story you see him embedded in? Explore whatever scene comes up—even if they mix “back then” and “now” in some ways!—along with any words arising from it, by creating a comic strip (Yes, a comic strip! No, you do not have to draw well to “play” in this exercise!), complete with dialogue between Jesus and another character (you?). Draw six or so boxes on your page and get to work! Don't overthink it. Let the playfulness of your imagination explore what an encounter with Jesus might go like for you, right now in this season you find yourself. It may be serious or funny or heartfelt—play with it and see what comes out of you! How do you imagine God responds to your comic strip?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-08-31 20:30:16 UTC