Artistic Afternoons: We made music with musical instruments designed for that purpose earlier this week. Today, let’s make music without them! Gather items that make different noises when tapped or plucked. Make your own instrument out of things you have around the house. Play around with strings or metal or glasses with varying amounts of water for musical notes—and almost anything could be a percussion instrument! Once you have found something to “make a joyful noise” with, make a song, if you’d like. Or turn on some music and play along with it! What is it like to express yourself using your body and these “instruments” in this way? To see that you can even create something that makes a beautiful sound? Another way to engage with “homemade” music is using your voice! Even if you feel like you “can’t sing”, consider making a little music with your voice this afternoon. Sing along with a song that stirs your heart. Let yourself join in the music with your body playing and/or *as* the instrument—it’s the only one like it in all the world, so you are being creative whenever you use your voice (and this, too, is a spiritual practice!)!

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-09-07 21:05:36 UTC