Midday Meditation: Go outside for a few minutes, barefoot if possible, and spend some time “rooting” there, your feet grounding you to the earth. Imagine root tendrils shooting out and anchoring you in *this* ground. What is this space you are in, right now? Take a moment to become present, and also to receive the nourishment being offered to you. Take some deep, oxygenating breaths, and release them back to the sky, all while staying still on the dirt (or whatever kind of terrain you find yourself in!). Let yourself wonder about your own spiritual roots as you stand there, grounding. What are each of those tendrils in your history or your current experience that keeps you sturdy and watered and nourished in the midst of whatever the weather brings? What is it to attend to your roots as a way of leaning into this transition into autumn, reflecting something the flora around you are leaning into as well? As you imagine this rootedness, notice what it feels like in your body. What emotions accompany this practice for you? Where does it seem like God is in this image you are embodying? What is it like to resume movement after this imaginative exercise? How do you feel afterwards? What might the invitation be for you in relation to rooting in this season?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-09-11 17:49:34 UTC