Midday Meditation: A Blessing with Roots by Jan Richardson Tug at this blessing and you will find it is a thing with roots. This is a blessing that has gone deep into good soil, into the sacred dark, into the luminous hidden. It has been months since the ground gathered the seed of this blessing into itself, years since the earth enfolded it. Sometimes that’s how long a blessing takes. And the fact that this blessing should finally show its first fruits on the day you happened by— well, perhaps we shall simply call the timing of this ripening a mystery and a sweet grace. Take all you want of this blessing. Take every morsel that you need for the path ahead. Let its fruits fall into your hands; gather them into the basket of your arms. Let this blessing be one place where you are willing to receive in unmeasured portions, to lay aside for a moment the way you ration your delights. Let yourself accept its inexplicable plenitude; allow it to give itself to sustain you not simply for yourself— though on this bright day I might be persuaded to think that would be enough— but that you may gather its seeds into yourself like the ground where this blessing began and wait with the patience of seasons and of years to bear forth in the fullness of time a stunning harvest, a plenteous feast.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-09-14 20:09:02 UTC