We take color for granted, our world all inundated with blues and greens and purples and yellows. The hues of the earth are endlessly varied and incredible, and yet we live often without even noticing this variegation. It didn’t have to be this colorful, this beautiful. We didn’t *have* to have cones in our eyes, didn’t *have* to be able to perceive color—it’s all an incredible, everyday gift. This week, we’re going to spend time reveling in color. We’re going to notice how various colors affect us, what they might represent emotionally or symbolically, and how they are part of our story with God. We’re going to notice how color shows up in Scripture, and how they change with the seasons—and what’s behind that change! So as we finish out these last days of summer, with the autumn equinox at the end of this week, spend some time noticing and enjoying the colors in the world around you. Pause right now. Look around. What colors do you see? Are they bright or muted, dark or pale? In the room where you sit, or out the window perhaps, what colors are you drawn to? Which do you tend to ignore or dislike? Choose one color you can see right now, and spend some time attending to it. Name the color and let your attentiveness be a small prayer today. What associations do you have with that color? Where else in your life has it been present? What might God be inviting you to have “eyes to see” today, in regards to that color (or color in general)?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-09-18 13:42:05 UTC