I've been preparing for Lent, thinking about Fasting, Feasting, and Service. I've started a small journal; it will contain a Collect I write each day and an image (something simple) to go with the Collect. I'm sharing the Collects I've written in this time of preparation. Collect for Lent God of Deep Knowing, You invite me to come closer and to listen. Help me remember that I must die to the emptiness of mindless doing in order to live fully in your love. Amen. Collect for Fasting God of my Too-Much-Ness, You wait for me to lay it down … the scrolling and skimming and nibbling at the edges. Strengthen me to empty myself of all that I am not, so that I may walk alongside you as all that I am. Amen. Collect for Feasting God of One Knowing, You embrace me in my doing and my being. Help me lean in close to you as I sort through the cracks and crevices of my daily life, that I may hear the heartbeat of your presence in my prayers. Amen. Collect for Service God of the Beloved Other, You hold up your people in the circle of humanity that surrounds me. So guide my seeing and my hearing and my being that I may comfort the grieving, rest with the weary, and sit with the doubting, in your Name. Amen.

Posted by Saoirse at 2021-02-16 20:28:31 UTC