Blessed Are the People Blessed are the people to whom the doors of the kingdom are wide open because in their poverty they have been able to make a reality the solidarity project of Jesus, because they have understood the “our bread,” because they live in worlds without doors or ceilings but at the same time, without walls or exclusions. Blessed are people who are hungry and that, from that place of dissatisfaction, protest, resist, march, protest before the injustices of a cruel and perverse world. In their search for dignity and equity they will be satiated by the grace of a God that has chosen to walk beside them. Blessed are the people who mourn the pains that hurt their neighbors and that, even in their own anguish, have learned to smile and sing, to embrace and take care of each other. Blessed are people who are hated and despised by those who claim to love and be faithful to their faith, but who only care about their small spaces, their exclusive privileges, their selective morality, and their destructive theology of merit and prosperity. Blessed are people who are insulted and persecuted for sharing the liberating and inclusive message of Jesus. There are insults that are a wonderful gift! Blessed are the people whose wealth is not a possession but know how to share, extend the table, make spaces bigger, build bridges, and make holes in the walls and plant flowers in the cracks. Blessed are the people who have learned to laugh, who discover beauty in simple things, who do not know rancor, and who sleep peacefully. - Liturgies from Below: Praying with People at the Ends of the World, by Claudio Carvalhaes

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-02-24 14:19:38 UTC