“[W]ords such as ‘sin’ and ‘repentance’ carry so much baggage that even many Christians are reluctant to employ them. In a culture marked by theological illiteracy it is tempting to censor terms that are so often misconstrued and misused.” – Kathleen Norris Repentance. Here we are, entering ever more deeply into the season of Lent, and if ever there was a time to talk about repentance, it’s now. What are the images, feelings, thoughts, and connections that come up when you hear the word “repentance”? Are they sweet memories of returning to God’s heart, or perhaps full of fear of punishment? This week, we’re going to be looking a bit at what repentance is (and isn’t), how it is used in Scripture, and how we might be invited into sitting with repentance this Lenten season. But to begin, sit for a few more moments and notice what comes up for you with that word. Has it been misused in your life? Does it feel triggering? Archaic? Welcome? Share your initial responses, if you’d like, as we begin this journey together.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-03-01 14:39:50 UTC