Artistic Afternoons: It can be hard to wait with hope, when you aren’t even sure what you are hoping for – or even what you want. In this season of Advent, this first week of “Hope”, take some time to write through the things you’re aware of wanting. These could be things overtly related to Christ coming, or could be anything you find yourself wanting. Do you long for the company of one who loves you? Or a making-right of a situation that feels so messed up? These are, in many ways, longings for Christ’s coming. AND they are connected with the actual stuff of your life – which can be so powerful. You may not be able to see a connection between some of the things you want and the coming of Christ – that’s okay! Simply name them. What are you longing and hoping and waiting for this Advent season? Start by writing on the first line of your journal, “I want…” and go from there. Every time you finish a thought, write “I want…” again, and just keep completing the sentence. What do you discover about your longing this Advent?

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2020-11-30 21:30:30 UTC