Good morning, friends! Today is a celebratory one (Anam Cara Ministries’ 8th anniversary, if you hadn’t heard! You can join us LIVE to party later this morning (you can find the link to register for the zoom party in our "events"!)! But we are also still in the season of Lent. This is the last week of it before Holy Week begins (and more celebrating comes at the end of that!!), and we’re wondering this week: how has this season been for you? Think back to its beginnings on Ash Wednesday, the desires you had, the struggles you found yourself in the middle of, the beginnings of your “fast” or “letting go”… and observe what these last few weeks of this season have been for you. What was buried at the beginning? What do you sense stirring in your depths as a result? The word Lent comes from the Old English for Springtime. As we have just turned the corner around the Spring equinox from winter’s shorter, darker days and into springs lengthening, warmer ones, how do you notice spring’s stirrings mirroring what is happening in your soul? What did you let go of – bury - in ashes, and where are you discovering new life poking through (those ashes, that soil, or even the snow still on the ground)? “Spring” got its name because of the way new life “jumps up” in this season. Is there new life springing up in you? Even if it’s barely discernible? How might those young shoots need special tending right now? Can you offer your soul the kindness of attending to those places this week?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-03-22 13:54:29 UTC